Beekman Square Diner

Referee Information

If you’re a referee within the Beekman Youth Soccer Club, this is the place to go for the latest information regarding referee information.

Head Referee

Paul Goebelbecker | Cell: 914-557-0741 | Email:


Game Reports must be filed by referees (not assistant referees) for all travel games. Reports MUST be sent within 48 hours of the game. You can email the Game report and line up cards to: (East Hudson).

Please also email a copy of the Game report to Paul at

OR you can mail to each of the addresses listed below:

One copy plus line-up card:

East Hudson Youth Soccer League
407 Route 6
Mahopac, NY 10541

Mail one copy:

Paul Goebelbecker
5 Van Scoy Rd
Poughquag, NY 12570

Game Reports can be found at the following location –

Yellow or Red cards

Must report player’s name, team and player pass#, and reason for card (Law 12)

Red cards

Call Paul Goebelbecker (914-557-0741) after the game.

How do I become a referee?

HVSRA offers USSF Grade 7, Grade 8, and in limited cases Grade 9 Recreational Referee courses in the Mid Hudson area. To find course dates and locations, please refer to the Course Schedule. You can also find courses outside the HVSRA on the Eastern New York Soccer Referee’s Web Site –

How Do I Get Assigned Work?

All games (Inhouse, Limited Distance Travel, and Travel)are assigned through ArbiterSports by our club assignor (Paul Goebelbecker) or the league assignor (Cathy Romano). You are granted a user id and password when you pass your Referee Class by Cathy Romano. If you do not know your id or password please contact Cathy at
There is a calendar in Arbiter that MUST be updated for times you can NOT work. The more available you are, the more work you will get. If you decline/turn back 2 assignments because you forgot to update your calendar you will be skipped in normal rotation of games.

Basic Rules

  • No Jewelry, including earrings
  • Shinguards must be worn during all practices and games – no exceptions
  • Shinguards must be worn under socks
  • Cleats are highly recommended
  • Safety glasses/goggles are highly recommended
  • Uniform shirts must be tucked in at all times
  • In inclement weather, long sleeve shirts may be worn under the uniform; long pants may be worn over the uniform, but is at the referee’s discretion at the Travel level