Important Dates

  • Travel Season Opens: April 2, 2017.
  • LDT Season Opens: start date TBD based on scheduling process but likely will be April 8th.
  • In House Season Opens: April 22, 2017.  Practices will begin the week of April 17th.

Update on Beekman Soccer Fields

As many of you know, we took significant steps over the past year to repair some of our fields.  Doherty 1 and Doherty 2 were shut down for the Fall 2016 season so the weeds could be fully extinguished and the fields could be replanted.  We are happy to announce that both D1 and D2 will be back in use for the Spring 2017 season.  To make up for the loss of Doherty in the fall, we established a relationship with Tymor Park.  Not only did we use the existing full size Tymor 1 field in the fall, but we also created a 2nd full size field at Tymor that was primarily used by our Limited Distance Travel program.  The Club is happy to announce that at the end of this past fall season, we added a 3rd full size field at Tymor, next to Tymor 1 where a rarely used baseball field used to exist.  If the weather cooperates and the seed germinates, we will have access to a 3rd full size field size at Tymor.  Prior to the fall season, we worked with both the Parks & Rec as well as the Highway Department to install better drainage along the perimeter of Beyer Park Field.  In the fall, we re-introduced Beyer Park for our younger travel teams and it seems to have gone well.  We also added a full size field at Beekman Elementary School and received very positive feedback on its condition.  In addition to Doherty, Tymor, Beyer, and BES, we of course have TCP.  TCP continues to have the greatest usage because our entire In House program plays at TCP.  This is done so that on Saturday mornings families do not have to run from park to park to see their children play.  Unfortunately, this also means TCP requires the most maintenance.  We continue to work with Beekman Parks to keep up with the usage, and they do a great job.  Adding additional fields to our rotation will greatly help the condition of TCP by allowing practices to start later in the spring, thus giving new seed time to properly germinate.  We will also rotate fields for the spring so that the heavily worn goalie boxes will no longer be goalie boxes.      


16th Annual Beekman Cup


The Beekman Youth Soccer Club is pleased to announce that we will be holding our 16th Annual Beekman Cup Tournament on Columbus Day Weekend.  Girls play Sat, Oct 8 and Boys play Sun, Oct. 9.  As always, this will be an exciting day not only for Beekman soccer, but also for our community as we will have fun events, merchandise, and food for all.  Please stop by and join the fun!


Travel Tryout Information

The Beekman Youth Soccer Club is proud to announce travel tryouts for the 2016/2017 season. The Club is growing fast as evidenced by the creation of new travel teams, across several age groups, and the return of most of our existing travel teams. If you are interested in taking your soccer experience to the next level playing on a Beekman travel team is the way to go.

To get an idea of the expected turnout, especially for our newly forming teams, we are asking everyone trying out this year to register at

Please see this PDF for travel tryout information.

If you have any questions please reach out to the appropriate travel coach or the Beekman Travel Director at

Beekman Youth Soccer Club and Quickstrike FC Alliance

Beekman Youth Soccer Club has announced an exciting new alliance with Quickstrike FC. Quickstrike FC is a premier soccer program that competes at the Regional and National level. Their primary focus is on the development of player values; including commitment to excellence, sportsmanship, as well as technical, tactical and team skills required to fulfill potential and progress to the highest level of play. Unlike many other professional organizations, Quickstrike is dedicated to training players and coaches in the both the travel and recreation program so that the building blocks of soccer fundamentals are instilled at an early age. This alliance means that licensed Quickstrike professionals will partner with our volunteer coaches to provide training to our youth. In addition to the player development, Quickstrike will also help develop our coaches to ensure they are learning and implementing proven soccer training methods.

The Beekman Youth Soccer Club takes extreme pride in the positive environment and community feeling that it has built over the years. This alliance will allow that community pride to flourish as we keep our identity, while also helping our children (and coaches) grow on and off the field through professional training. For more information about the new alliance, please email You can also click here to view the recent press release regarding this alliance.


Monthly Board Meetings

The BYSC Board meets on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 at Town Hall. If you would like to attend to discuss a specific topic, we ask that you let us know in advance so we can ensure we allot enough time for the meeting and also ensure the appropriate Board members are in attendance to address the specific topic. For example, if your question is specific to Travel, we’ll want to confirm our Travel Director will be in attendance. As always, thank you for your continued support of the Club.

Field Numbers Updated

To reduce any confusion by having some fields with the same numbers, the U7 and U8 fields have been renamed from 1 and 2, to 3, 4, and 5. Updated schedules and field layouts can be found below, as well as on their respective pages.

U7 Schdule

U8 Schedule